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Transforming a Transportation Hub to a World Class Destination

Newark Airport City will serve to transform Newark Liberty International Airport from a transportation hub to a global destination, to better serve travelers' interest. Newark Airport City will benefit the the city of Newark, its residents and  the New Jersey, New York region  through  better utilization of existing and under-utilized property in and around Newark Liberty International Airport.  Building new infrastructure in order to expand Newark's services and economic market will better serve the 40 million travelers, visitors, industry workers, their families and area residents.  Establishing Newark Airport City will broaden the service footprint for stakeholders and businesses to realize industrial and economic growth, improving travelers' mobility and socialization,  expanding local opportunities for better job creation, leisure and recreational pursuits.  

A Traveler's Story:

"Imagine being a foreign citizen landing at Newark Liberty International Airport. Your travel mission is to learn how to export and import in the U.S., South America and China, and  to enjoy some vacation  and shopping time with your family, that has accompanied you.  You are scheduled to have a meeting the day you arrive,  yet your wife and children are looking for available shopping, dinner and entertainment options, and you would like to rest a little before your meeting.  

Q: How does all this get accomplished within a reasonable time, without getting over-taxed  mentally, due to the various  interest and locations to accommodate you and your family's interest, or over-extended physically due to extended  travel and transportation to and from points of service and interest; and still allowing you to get a nap in!

 A: Newark Airport City will offer travelers and families new and improved amenities and services that meet business, leisure, recreational and convenience expectation, a variety of shopping and dining experiences, from world-class designer houses to outlets, from classic pizzas to celebrity chefs. Travelers will have the option to reserve a private relaxation station, short- or long-term stay or residential relocation.  Choosing from the list of options for transportation; shuttle services, train, bus and car services, with floating concierge guides, offering direction and hop-on and hop-off transportation to area interests and attractions.  Doing business with countries will be easy with on-site embassy consulates to guide your global  travel, business and trade interest.

Newark Airport City will offer travelers  with business and recreational interest:

  • Concierge 
  • Direct Connection from Newark Airport to high end hotel accommodations, extended stays and residential options
  • World Class Shopping
  • A range of restaurants and eateries
  • Entertainment venues
  • Fitness and Spa Services
  • Site attractions; golfing swimming, bowling, playgrounds, museum, library
  • Business Meeting and Conference Facilities
  • Relaxation and family gathering stations 
  • Transportation, Shuttles and Rail Services

For Business and Commerce:

  • A new concentration for business development and expansion; retail, convention and trade shows
  • New Convenient locations and synergy for global, regional and local interest
  • New infrastructure for industry, commercial, corporate  and residential facilities
  • Support Services: Medical, Grocery, Maintenance and Repairs
  • Area Industry and Aviation Education
  • New Technology, Trade and Shipping Corridor
  • New Local and Regional Transportation Services
  • Entrepreneur Incubator and Platform 

Growth Indicators:

  • Better Trade, Exchange and Collaboration
  • Integration and Connectivity
  • Better Logistics and Distribution of Services
  • New High-end Jobs
  • Direct and Residual Economic Impact
  • New Public and Global Image
  • Connecting Cities to Cities, Greater Competitiveness 
  • Greater accessibility to amenities and services
  • Expansion and better utilization of area real estate 
  • Incorporating and Re-positioning Service Platforms for Greater  Functionality, Interest and Appeal
  • Convenient and Reliable
  • Retrofitting and Contouring Existing Infrastructure

What are Airport Leaders Saying:

Keith Williams, CEO, British Airways "........ I am in favor of the Aerotropolis..............has a great part to play in making  the customers experience so much  simpler and  so much easier........."


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